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Efficient Business Courier Services,

Tailored For Your Business.

One step closer to getting in contact with the #1 growing carrier in all of Ontario: Trans-Ontario Express. Serving all your local courier needs today!

Swift Local Courier Service in The GTA

At Trans Ontario, we recognize that not all shipments require trucks or trailers. Our comprehensive Courier Service in the GTA, offers versatile solutions tailored to your business needs. Whether it’s essential documents, time-sensitive packages, or compact freight, our GTA Courier service ensures the prompt, secure, and reliable delivery of your shipment.

Especially for businesses seeking swift deliveries, our Rush Service is tailored to meet your immediate shipping needs. Additionally, you can experience seamless convenience with our Same Day Service, ensuring that your orders are promptly collected and delivered. Conversely, if you require next day delivery, our Overnight Service is at your service to fulfill your logistics requirements. We’re even available After hours, simply reach out with a phone call. Moreover, even if your shipments need to be delivered beyond the GTA, our Out of Town Service is in place to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Your Reliable Local Courier Service Provider

In 1979, what began as a small Courier service with only a few vehicles serving the local Ontario community for in-town parcel deliveries has grown significantly over the years.

As a result, Trans-Ontario Express has evolved into the company it is today, becoming a leading local courier service provider in the GTA.

As a result of decades of experience serving the GTA, Trans-Ontario Express has mastered the art of navigating Toronto’s streets to ensure timely and secure deliveries. Our skilled team understands the intricacies of the local logistics landscape, allowing us to optimize routes, streamline processes, and provide exceptional customer service for all your local shipping needs.

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Exceptional Local Courier Service Speed at Lower Costs

Strategically positioned across various GTA points, our GTA Courier service guarantees rapid response times. Our diverse fleet, including vans and cars, is ready to cater to your needs around the clock. Consequently, as soon as you place your order, we swiftly relay it to the designated courier, ensuring seamless pickup and delivery.

By opting for our Courier Service, you empower your business to dispatch packages swiftly without compromising on quality. Our approach combines efficiency with affordability, enabling you to send parcels faster while adhering to Trans Ontario’s commitment to top-tier service.

Choose Trans Ontario’s GTA Courier service to experience expedited shipping solutions that align perfectly with your unique business demands. With a variety of services and timeframes tailored to your needs, our expert team is here to guide you toward the right solution, ensuring seamless deliveries every time.

Choose Trans-Ontario Express for flexible, time-sensitive solutions tailored to your schedule. Connect with a sales representative today.

Shipping & Dispatch Solutions

Designed For Your Business.

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Safe and compliant transportation solutions for hazardous materials, ensuring secure and regulated delivery.


To meet urgent timelines, our Rush service guarantees swift delivery within the Greater Toronto Area.


Experience the convenience of overnight shipping, where we store your shipment in our warehouse temporarily to ensure your cargo reaches its destination by the next business day.


Our specialized tailgate service simplifies loading and unloading heavy or oversized items, ensuring efficient and secure handling.


Our user-friendly web dispatch platform empowers you to manage and track shipments with ease, improving visibility and control.


Our user-friendly web dispatch platform empowers you to manage and track shipments with ease, improving visibility and control.


Trust us with your temperature-sensitive cargo, as we maintain precise temperature conditions to ensure product integrity throughout their transportation. 

We are the ally that will bring you transportation operations to suit your needs. Let us know how we can help.

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Please note that we are a B2B company and do not ship personal effects that are consumer to consumer.