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Efficient LTL Shipping Services,

Tailored For Your Business.

One step closer to getting in contact with the #1 growing freight carrier in all of Ontario: Trans-Ontario Express.

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GTA Freight Carrier Services

Trans-Ontario can be the difference maker your business needs as the prime choice for Freight Transportation in the Greater Toronto Area. 

We offer an extensive range of trucking services for your business needs and shipping requirements within the GTA for any LTL or FTL freight you have. 

Additionally, navigating the vibrant Greater Toronto Area has never been easier with us as your freight carrier of choice, due to our array of specialized services designed to match your shipping needs and timelines. For shipments requiring immediate attention, our Rush Service ensures high-priority delivery. You can experience seamless convenience with our Same-Day Service, as orders placed are picked up for swift delivery. Our Overnight Service exists to facilitate your logistics requirements for a prompt next-day delivery. We even accommodate after-hours needs, all we ask of you is to simply give us a call. Furthermore, even if your shipments extend beyond the GTA, we’ve created our Out of Town Service to guarantee an impeccable process.

Our Experience as a Leading Freight Carrier for the GTA

Half a century of experience allows us to stand at the forefront of the Transportation industry. Undoubtedly providing us with deep insight about the intricacies that go into fulfilling our promise to our customers and their business.

Similarly, with each year our knowledge deepens, our fleet strengthens, and our reach expands. Over time, we’ve honed our skills, navigated complex challenges, and refined our processes to offer nothing short of excellence. Choosing the right freight carrier can make a significant difference in the cost-effectiveness and reliability of your shipping operations.

This rich experience has equipped us with a profound understanding of the nuances of logistics, positioning us as a reliable freight carrier for businesses seeking top-notch freight solutions.

Our Team of experts is always available to assist you if you’re unsure which service would prove to be the right solution.

Contact us to find out how our GTA trucking service got you covered.

Your Trusted GTA Freight Carrier of Choice for a Reason

At Trans-Ontario, where we believe no shipment is too small or too big. Thus providing flexible solutions tailored to meet your various business needs and shipping demands is our highest priority. Accommodating for different shipment sizes and any special instructions you may have. Consequently, partnering with a reputable freight carrier becomes essential for efficient logistics.

Hence, As a Freight carrier, our fleet is positioned strategically throughout the GTA ensures the timely delivery of your shipment within or even going out of the GTA. Certainly granting you visibility and freight tracking features for your shipments to ensure transparency and control.

Choose Trans-Ontario Express for flexible, time-sensitive solutions tailored to your schedule. Connect with a sales representative today.

Shipping & Dispatch Solutions

Designed For Your Business.

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Safe and compliant transportation solutions for hazardous materials, ensuring secure and regulated delivery.


To meet urgent timelines, our Rush service guarantees swift delivery within the Greater Toronto Area.


Experience the convenience of overnight shipping, where we store your shipment in our warehouse temporarily to ensure your cargo reaches its destination by the next business day.


Our specialized tailgate service simplifies loading and unloading heavy or oversized items, ensuring efficient and secure handling.


Our user-friendly web dispatch platform empowers you to manage and track shipments with ease, improving visibility and control.


Our user-friendly web dispatch platform empowers you to manage and track shipments with ease, improving visibility and control.


Trust us with your temperature-sensitive cargo, as we maintain precise temperature conditions to ensure product integrity throughout their transportation. 

We are the ally that will bring you transportation operations to suit your needs. Let us know how we can help.

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Please note that we are a B2B company and do not ship personal effects that are consumer to consumer.