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Industry With High Standards Since 1979.

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40+ Years of Experience

Delivering with Excellence.

At Trans-Ontario Express, we take immense pride in our 40+ years of industry experience in shipping, which serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering with excellence. Over the decades, we have honed our expertise, in addition, we fine-tuned our processes and built an extensive network that empowers us to provide unmatched logistics solutions to our valued clients. Partner with us, and then experience the same dedication that has driven our success for over 40 years.

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Minimal Handling

of Dock to Dock LTL Freight

We understand that the safety of your freight throughout the transportation process is of the utmost importance. For that reason, our trucking company prioritizes minimal handling of your freight from loading to unloading to mitigate the risk of damage and, equally important, the timing of your needs. Our experienced team and procedures ensure the safe arrival of your goods to their destination.  When entrusting Trans-Ontario with your freight you can be confident that every effort is made to maintain their pristine condition.

Trans Ontario's truck loading freight Dock to Dock in Trans Ontario's warehouse ready for LTL shipping

Specialized Solutions

for Dock to Dock LTL Freight

Trans-Ontario’s long standing as a leading trucking company in the shipping industry allowed us insight into the special requirements our customers may have for their shipments. Our expertise extends beyond standard shipments, as we can handle any LTL freight that requires specialized solutions. We can cater to your shipment needs ranging through our Temperature Controlled vehicles, Chemicals and hazardous material transport, oversized shipments and tailgate delivery. Our commitment to catering to your unique needs sets us apart in the transportation industry.

Extensive Fleet, Owned By Us.

At Trans Ontario, ownership of our extensive fleet has enabled us to offer a comprehensive shipping service tailored to meet all your business needs and requirements. Our extensive fleet of trucks, trailers, and vans, provided us with the opportunity to have the flexibility of allocating our resources effectively, granting us unparalleled control and adaptability, ensuring a seamless shipping experience for our customers. Ownership of our fleet allows us to provide swift response times, meeting delivery timelines consistently and enhancing customer satisfaction. As a result, these benefits have helped us maintain a competitive edge in the industry, while ensuring operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

In-House Truck Maintenance.

Maintaining our trucks in-house is of the utmost importance to minimizing downtime and providing you with excellent service. That is to say, we perform a full mechanical inspections as often as once a week, alongside the standard daily 360 checks. In other words, we understand that consistency and continuity are essential in your line of work, hence a mechanically-sound fleet, means an uninterrupted delivery of your freight from pickup to delivery. We aim to deliver exceptional supply chain management to both new and existing customers through our trucking service.

What Our Customers Say…

“I had an exceptional experience with Trans Ontario Express. From the moment I engaged their services 5 years ago, I was impressed by their friendliness and efficiency. They handled my shipments with care, ensuring timely delivery and providing regular updates throughout the process. The local dispatch team at Trans Ontario went above and beyond to meet my shipping needs, making the entire experience hassle-free and reliable. I highly recommend Trans Ontario Express to anyone seeking top-notch shipping services in Ontario…”

Andrea, Vendor Coordinator.

Quebec, CA

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People Can Tell Our Real Results.

“We have been using Trans-Ontario for the last two to three years to bring up product from Dallas, Texas. We import 3 to 4 skids every 6 to 8 weeks and there has never been one issue with either the pick up or delivery. The material is always picked up and delivered without fail on schedule. I would highly recommend this company.”

John G, In-House Logistics Manager.

Quebec, CA

Our Process Module

Get a Shipping Order Placed, With Ease

Our process for booking a shipping order

1. Fill in the registration form and send it to or call 416-298-1060 where our customer representatives will assist you to get started, setting up your account in as little as 24 hours.

2. This can be done either by submitting your shipping details through our Web Dispatch or by contacting our experienced customer service team. Contact 416-298-1060 or by email to assist you in your order.

3. Based on our consultation, we’ll provide you with a quote. Once approved we’ll proceed with booking the order and provide you with an order number for your shipment alongside a BOL and Label if requested.

4. Our dispatchers will be coordinating the best route to ensure the delivery of your cargo is safe and within the agreed upon timeframe. Track the shipment as it moves through the transport network using our tracking page.

5. Upon delivery, the driver will get a signature to confirm receipt of the shipment. We will provide a Proof-of-Delivery (POD) along with your invoice.

6. An invoice will be sent to your company’s Accounts Payable alongside the Proof-of-Delivery (POD). Invoices will also be available online through your account portal

We are the ally that will bring you transportation operations to suit your needs. Let us know how we can help.

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Please note that we are a B2B company and do not ship personal effects that are consumer to consumer.